Our Story

TFS was created to solve problems. The problems of an underserved, little understood and often voiceless population. The problems of people trying to reorganize their finances and get their lives back on track. The problems of Chapter 13 debtors.

Primary among these problems was the payment experience. The traditional method called for mailing checks to a lockbox, an antiquated and burdensome process for debtors, their legal counsel and employers.

In 2011 we launched www.TFSBillPay.com, a modern payment platform providing flexible options and support services that save time, money and effort for all involved. The appetite for an efficient payment solution was immediately evident, and we expanded to trusteeships across the country.

In the years since our launch, TFS has continued to evolve to meet the needs of this highly specialized market. With the continued development of our tools and resources, we have added value to our user experience and new product releases - including a Debit Mastercard - have made it possible for even more debtors to automate their success.


Patrick Schaefer

CEO, Nationwide TFS