Paralegal And Attorney Portal

Key to sucess
  • Add Debtors for your firm
  • Manage payments on behalf of your clients

The TFS Advanced Paralegal And Attorney Portal is an easy-to-use solution for attorneys and paralegals to help their clients through the payment process. With the portal, firms and their staff can directly enroll and manage their client’s TFS accounts, and keep track of their success through the Chapter 13 process.

Setting up an account on TFS is free, and there are no set-up, maintenance, or monthly costs associated with our service for law firms. With a TFS account, your staff will gain the benefits of being able to view an all-in-one dashboard that will help you manage your clients. Paralegals will be able to make payments for debtors, view records of all debtors associated with your firm, and view in depth reports on how your clients are moving forward in their chapter 13 payments. In addition, our the TFS customer support team is always a call or email away to help you with anything you may need.