#1 Payment Platform in Chapter 13

Over a decade ago, TFS pioneered electronic payments for Chapter 13. We became the industry preferred provider by staying true to the tenets of eliminating risk and reducing operational overhead by streamlining the process; all while maintaining a focus on debtor success.

We value our reputation as a debtor's trusted guide to discharge. To earn that trust, we continue to create new payment options, invest in technology and put a premium on customer support.

With one decade behind us and many more in front of us, TFS is resolute in its commitment to the industry that changes people's lives.

TFS Is Your Critical Partner in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

With flexible and automated solutions that benefit all stakeholders in the bankruptcy process; Trustees, Debtors, Attorneys and Employers.

Respected and Trusted Industry Leader

The largest provider of bankruptcy e-payment solutions designed to keep debtors on track.

No-Cost and Risk Free Solutions Ease Administrative Burden

All payments are fully guaranteed and bonded. Eliminate bounced payments and time spent on unidentified payments. Reduce lock box fees for paper checks.

Dedicated Customer Team

We provide exceptional support to your debtors, which reduces the time your staff needs to spend on payment issues and questions.

Free Support for Your Consumer Bar

Dedicated Attorney Success Team plus specific reports and tools designed to provide visibility into payments and increase discharge rates.

Debtor Payment Options

We know that "one-size-fits-all" is not true when it comes to managing bankruptcy plan payments. To support debtors, we provide several ways for them to pay that allow them to choose the method that will ensure success including a YourSuccess Debit Mastercard.

Pay From a Bank Account or Use a Debit Mastercard

Recurring or manual payments are drawn directly from a debtor's bank account or their personal Debit Mastercard at an interval that fits their cash flow. Debtors can select from seven different interval options. Funds are deposited directly into the trustee's account.

Pay From Salary

eWage enables a debtor to anonymously direct plan payments to their trustee straight from their employer or other income source.

EmployerPay easily integrates into existing employer payroll systems and greatly reduces the administrative burden of wage order directives.

Ewage EmployerPay

Pay with Cash

TFS has partnered with MoneyGram to give debtors access to 39,000 retail payment locations across the country.

Need Help?

Need help or assistance? Please reach out to your dedicated support person at 888-752-5315, or trustee@TFSBillpay.com

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