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The challenge to surviving your bankruptcy is making payments on time and keeping accurate records.  TFS provides an easy-to-use online payment option for monthly bankruptcy payments. It’s cheaper and without the hassle.

The other options for making your bankruptcy payments would require you to obtain money orders or cashier checks EVERY month. Why wait in line at the bank and pay exorbitant bank fees? Make your payments automatically and from the privacy of your own home.

TFS Features

  • Make Payments at MoneyGram Locations

    TFS is now accepted at any of the over 39,000 MoneyGram locations across the country. Click here to learn more!

  • Save Money!

    Online payments are cheaper than bank checks and money orders.

  • Private and Secure

    Pay from the privacy of your own home with secure payments.

  • Record Keeping

    TFS keeps accurate records of your bankruptcy payments so you don’t have to.

  • Convenience

    No more hassles. No more bank checks. No more money orders.


TFS Bill Pay is cheaper than a certified check or money order. Check out our prices below.

  • $100 or less


  • $101 - $250


  • $251 - $500


  • $501 - $750


  • $751 - $1,000


  • $1,001 - $1,500


  • $1,501 - $2,000


  • $2,001 or more



Make a payment at any of the 39,000 MoneyGram Walk-In locations for $8.99. Learn More about making payments through MoneyGram here!