Your Trusted Guide to a Brighter Financial Future

For over a decade, TFS has helped shepherd people through their bankruptcy journeys with an easy-to-use automated payment solution that is less expensive, more reliable, and trackable for important record keeping. We provide innovative and best-in-class solutions for each stakeholder involved in the bankruptcy process; Debtors, Attorneys, Employers and Trustees.
  • Debtors
    Secure, Automated, online payment solution.
    Cost effective. Saves time and money.
    Proven features - reminders, alerts and live support.
  • Attorneys
    Ease administrative burdens.
    Tools & resources designed to increase your client's chance of obtaining a discharge.
    Tracking & reporting to ensure attorney claims are paid in full
  • Employers
    Efficient solutions that fit your company's workflow.
    Greater employer control & transparency.
    Tailored solutions that achieve compliance and limit liability.
  • Trustees
    Guaranteed, fully bonded payments.
    A proven solution to keep debtors on track.
    Unparalleled support for trustees, the debtors bar and their clients.